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Friday, September 15, 2006


“Then David spoke to the Chiefs of the Levites to appoint their relatives the singers, with instruments of music, harps, lyres, loud-sounding cymbals, to raise sounds of joy.”
-1 Chro. 15:16

Dear Friends,

By the most gracious and loving act of God, “sounds of joy” were raised by our Children’s Rondalla in its much-awaited and successful recital last March 30. Held at the lovely Tarriela garden in Valle Verde, Pasig City, the 31-member ensemble played the banduria, octavina, laud, guitar, double-base, tambourine and triangle to the great delight of our friends and mission supporters.
C.A.R.E., Philippines’ Board members Erlynn Campos, MC, introducing the rondalla children.

Under the baton of nationally recognized conductor-teacher Lino Mangandi, the 7-month old rondalla did a repertoire of hymns, folk, light classics and popular pieces. Amidst the heaven’s smiles of light intermittent March showers, the audience enjoyed themselves very much. Ted Thompson, a British businessman now long-time Philippine resident and faithful mission partner, had nothing but praise for the children saying that his appreciation of Philippine music was heightened by the beautiful music made by them.
Teacher-conductor Lino Mangandi, standing beside the children during the introduction
The Rev. Dr. Ron Campbell, pastor of the Elmwood Park Presbyterian Church, IL., explaining the hymn before giving the invocation.

Guest Domini M. Torrevillas, a columnist for the Philippine Star, one of the three leading Philippine newspapers, devoted a part of her April 6, 2006 column to her impression of our Children’s Rondalla and our 18-year old ministry to our poor. Describing the children’s rondalla recital as ‘A Night to Remember,’ she said that “It is unbelievable that these children who knew nothing about musical instruments before have since become skillful musicians who openly profess love for music, but next only to love for God.”

It was indeed an evening of music to remember!

We thank our Lord for allowing us to institute a meaningful music education for the marginalized children of our Philippine society through your wonderful prayer and financial support. Imagine how our concerted efforts will continue to help these children grow and develop mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually because it has been proven by research that “music is everything” – it is reading, it is science, it is math, it is language, it is comprehension, it is critical thinking, it is communication – as said by a comprehensive report by the U.S. National Council of Music Education.

We are particularly grateful for the excellent teamwork of the members of our Philippine Board of Directors, the hospitality of Atty. Ed and Flor Tarriela for the use of their lovely home, the CCF ladies who served as receptionists and most especially for the high-tech sound system and video taping of the entire event by Dennis Salud and Vic Gan of CCF.

Please continue to pray for us as we look forward to:

1. Refining the musical skills of pilot (first) group of rondalla players
2. Developing more rondalla groups to include all the children in our school, the children in the public schools who go to our Sunday School and our Back-To-School students under the leadership of the pastors in our Pastoral Development Program. They too need physical and spiritual stimulation through music.
Exploring the vast outreach possibilities of evangelism, friendship, cultural enrichment through music presentations in lively and creative ways, both in the Philippines and abroad.

May our Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless you and keep you as you love and honor Him with all your heart and as you love and care for His poor.

Thanking God and praying for you always,

Melo & Rose Biron
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